When Vintage Style Jewelries Go So Well With Minimalist Modern Attire

When Vintage Style Jewelries Go So Well With Minimalist Modern Attire

I'm a person that enjoy wearing minimal style in clothing. My outfit is either just a plain color dress, or a very simple button-up shirt. However, I always love to make my outfit ideas unique and eye-catching. I want my daily outfits to tell a story as well as my characteristics; I want them to be simple but fun.

I found distinct color jewelries with huge gemstones to be unique to wear with plain color outfit (of course they will go well as any other styles too, but since we are mainly discussing how to style simple modern attires). These jewelries can have very bright color glass decor with vintage gold color plating. The gold tone is usually on a more matte side that carries an antique feeling. 

I found when the bright color glass decorations are huge, even if they are in very exaggerating color, like bright yellow or pink, will still not go wrong with other colors. A lot of color combination that I might not really appreciate in other case or I might not even think of, when making them into vintage, don't look that absurd anymore. Flor example, how can you put blue, yellow, and pink together? 

Look! The plain pink dress doesn't even look so boring when having some vintage blue and yellow dangles to style with it. 

p.s This style is a silk embroidery style earrings. 


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